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We love volunteers.  Without volunteers, these races wouldn’t happen.  So, this is the place to find out a bit more information about volunteering. Britta Trepp is the volunteer coordinator and all things scheduling.  If you would like to volunteer, she is the person to talk to.

Buffalo Run Adventures Volunteer Policy (revised 07/28/16)

With having so many volunteers, I had to come up with a few guidelines just to keep things straight in my own mind.  So here they are.

  • If you volunteer for 8 hours or longer, I’ll give you a comp entry to any race I put on, any distance, and you can use it within a year.
  • If you volunteer for less than 8 hours, I’ll give you a 50% discount on the entry fee to any race, any distance within a year.
  • If you volunteer for the Buffalo Run in March, you will not be able to run it the same year.  We tried that once and had plenty of volunteers for Friday, but were short on volunteers Saturday.
  • In order to get the discount or comp entry, you have to sign up to volunteer ahead of time.  While we certainly appreciate and love having volunteers that happen to be at the races anyway, we have a limited number of comp entries available.
  • The discount or comp entry is transferable, so if your significant other doesn’t run and volunteers, they can pass their discount or comp to you.
  • There will be a certain number of these available discounts or comps available for each race.  When I figure that number out, I’ll put it on this page.
  • All volunteers will get some sort of cheap business gratuity (mug, shirt, etc.) as a token of our sincere appreciation for helping us out.  I can give out hugs and profuse thank you’s as well.


Contact Britta for more details about Volunteering for a Buffalo Run Adventures event

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