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  1. Buffalo Run Adventures, LLC collects certain personal information as part of the business of putting on the various races. This information typically includes names, address, phone numbers, emergency contact information, birthdates, and maybe a few other pieces of info.
  2. Buffalo Run Adventures, LLC does not, and will not sell any information to outside companies.
  3. Buffalo Run Adventures, LLC may release name and contact information as a part of sponsorship opportunities with companies, but tries not to do this. Typically this is the official course photographer as they want to send you your pictures and get you to buy them. If they’re good pics, buy them. I don’t like being contacted unsolicited any more than you do, so I’m careful about what a potential sponsor wants in return for their sponsorship.
  4. Everything on the website www.buffalorun.org is copyrighted. This means that you must get my permission before you reprint any information from the website for use commercially. This includes course descriptions, photographs, videos, regardless of who took the pictures, etc. If you’re writing your race report in your blog and it’s for personal use. Feel free to use the info. If you grab any photos off this website for personal use in your blog, please, please, please make sure you give credit where credit is due. Too many people are not doing that, and it’s a very simple thing to do.
  5. If you are a commercial entity (website, company, etc.), you definitely must get my permission before you use anything. While I sometimes think plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery (especially as an Engineer), if you’re a commercial entity and plagiarize my website, I will not be happy.
  6. If you would like to put some stuff from the website on your personal blog as part of a race report or something similar, no problem, go ahead and do it. For the most part, I’m good with personal use.
  7. Pictures on the website are typically provided by runners or their families. I occasionally contract with a professional photographer to take runner’s pictures. If I do have a pro come out, they will contact you via e-mail to see if you want to purchase any of the photos. If they bug you beyond that, let me know. There are a couple of fellow ultrarunners who have also come out and taken fantastic pictures of you runners. Some of these may be posted on the Buffalo Run website. They may sell these photos or provide them to you for free. They typically ask my permission and are a part of the race permit with the state park.If you use pictures from the website, you must provide attribution.
  8. Occasionally, there may be professional film crews out on the course. Typically, if they photograph you or interview you, they will ask you to sign a release. This is their responsibility, not Buffalo Run Adventures’. If you don’t want that embarrassing picture of the fall you took going down the switchbacks to be published, let them know.
  9. Occasionally there may be commercial companies trying to shill their wares on you. Companies are not allowed to do that during the race unless it’s by my permission and as part of my permit with the state park. If you would like to know if they are a part of the event, just ask me. If they are not, I will have them removed by park personnel.
  10. I do have a bunch of trademarks that I claim. These are: Buffalo Run Adventures, Antelope Island Buffalo Run, Mountain View Trail Half Marathon, Antelope Island 50K/100K, Frary Peak Hill Climb, Sentry Peak Trail 10K. If you use these trademarks in a commercial way without asking, I will not be happy. If you use them in your blog for a race report, or something similar, go ahead.

My high priced legal staff tells me that every contract has in it a condition called a force majeure clause, where if something crazy happens that prevents performance, the contract is not enforceable. Typically a force majeure (a fancy pants term for crazy thing) has to be pretty crazy, like a war, terrorist attack, crazy spike in oil prices, or what have you. I need to be very specific about what such crazy things are in an ultra race like this one, and those include adverse weather conditions that make the race unable to proceed. I as the race director have the ultimate discretion to determine what those conditions are, but they generally will be so adverse so as to prevent safe passage on the course, or safe access to the aid stations or course by aid station or race personnel, or the ability for search and rescue and other emergency personnel to access the course in the event of an emergency, or such conditions that would make the race appreciably more dangerous for a sizable proportion of the runners. That’s a pretty big definition, but you can imagine what is encompassed within it. It would include rainstorms, hailstorms, snowstorms, extreme heat, locust infestations, the race director getting a hangnail, you get the idea. I retain the complete unfettered discretion as the race director to cancel the race for weather conditions at any time, in my sole opinion, and you assume the risk that the contract may be canceled for this reason. In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled, you understand that there may be little or no refund of your entry fee. Even so, I wouldn’t be in business for very long if I canceled the race frequently, and so the risk of this happening is fairly small. Still (I hear my lawyer breathing) you assume the risk. There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Hmmm, can’t think of anything else. The main point with this is to cover Buffalo Run Adventures’ butt and to provide some sort of recourse should some unscrupulous party want to create havoc with my little events. I want to protect the integrity of these races as well as my own integrity. Jim Skaggs RD Antelope Island Buffalo Run RD Mountain View Trail Half Marathon RD Antelope Island 50K/100K RD Frary Peak Hill Climb

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